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Dragon Jump Team

Click on the box below to make a donation to the Sanchez Jump Team online. Thank you for helping our school earn $500.00 or more of new PE equipment!


Sanchez Elementary, during the second year of AVID implementation, has included third grade students in learning organizational skills. Being organized is critical throughout a person’s educational experience. Students who are organized are better able to participate in their own learning, interact better in an educational setting and are better able to manage their time both in school and at home. Many tools are being used by the third, fourth and fifth grade to ensure they are able to plan and prioritize relative to their learning. Each student keeps a daily agenda to track and plan their homework assignments and long term projects. Students have a binder that they use to keep their notes from the different core academic areas so that they can refer to them when they do their homework and in preparation for tests. They have also learned to take two and three column notes to help them transition to Cornell notes which many successful students use throughout middle school, high school and college. Students have become very proud and excited that they can keep themselves organized, to reference their notes when needed and to keep their things orderly.

PlayWorks Fun

The playground staff has received training in ways to best support students during their recess time. Students have learned conflict resolution skills, games that are inclusive of all and now have a variety of game options to participate in during recess. The playground has become a place for all to enjoy.