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Sanchez Elementary School

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Principal's Message

Welcome to our Sanchez website! Our students and staff are, without a doubt, the best you'll ever meet. We pride ourselves on being a small school that provides the best academic program available to students.


Our staff is extremely collaborative and are continually involved in making decisions relative to individual students, individual classrooms, as well as our school as a whole. Our Lead Team meets regularly to ensure our students are being taught the standards they need to be successful in each grade and if they're not, to provide ideas and support. We also have an Intervention Team. This team meets regularly to discuss progress and interventions, both academic and behavioral, for students who are having more extreme difficulties. We brainstorm ideas on how to help those students as well as determine who will be providing the support- either the teacher or a specialist. Lastly, we have our School Site Council who makes budgetary decisions to support the programs we need. We're fortunate to have several parents who are also part of the committee.


Our parents are extremely active and committed to helping students. We have a PTA Board who continually seeks to engage parents. Their success in this area has been outstanding. Because of the success, the group has fundraised for additional fieldtrips, additional assemblies, money for classrooms, activities for our families, and money for murals. Parents and community members are always welcome to help us make Sanchez a better place for kids. For instance, we are invited each year to participate in the Arturo A. Sanchez Halloween Parade. Our students love dressing up and participating. We were also asked, this year, to host the Lions Club Flag Day Celebration. Members from the Norwalk Lions Club, the Norwalk City Council, the Sanchez Family and our Superintendent joined in the celebration. Our students were each given a flag to keep and performed beautifully for the audience. Classes sang and some classes sang and played the ukelele. 


We hold our students to rigorous standards both academically and behaviorally. Our students love learning. They are encouraged to take on leadership roles as part of our Associated Student Body, leaders in our Reading Club and Junior Coaches on the playground. These leadership roles carry over to wanting to better themselves and grow academically. Our students are provided with AVID strategies, university visits, music lessons, organized sports tournaments, after school tutoring, visual arts lessons and more while ensuring they learn the required State Standards. 


We look forward to answering any questions you might have and you will surely want to become part of our wonderful community.


Alicia Rubio